Ankle & Foot complaints

If you recently had an ankle distortion, you have a big chance that your ankle will immediately become swollen and stiff. Very annoying, but luckily your body does this for a reason. After an acute ankle injury your ligaments are strained and the swelling and pain forces your ankle to take a rest. If the swelling decreases and the pain becomes less, this means that you can gradually increase the weight-bearing. It can then be useful to seek help with the rehabilitation so you know exactly what to expect. Rehabilitation often takes about 6 to 12 weeks.

If complaints last longer, if your ankle feels unstable, or if you continue to distort your ankle we call this ankle instability. With stabilizing and strength exercises we help you to regain full confidence in your ankle again.

Ankle complaints after a fracture can hold you back in everyday life or sports. Your ankle may become stiff because of the immobilization. Mobilizing and functional exercises can offer a solution.

Complaints located under the heel can indicate heel spurs or facitis plantaris. It can be painful to walk barefoot or on slippers and starting movements can be difficult. Manual therapy of the foot joints, dry needling of the lower leg muscles and exercise therapy can help.

Non-specific complaints of the ankle or foot are complaints for which no direct diagnosis can be made. That does not mean that we cannot find a cause for your complaints. For example, the foot bone or metatarsal bones may not function optimally. Manual therapy can ensure that you walk like a goat in no time. 

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