Shoulder complaints

Do you have pain in your upper arm and trouble lifting, reaching or lying down? Big chance that your pain originates from the shoulder.

Shoulder complaints together with back- and neck complaints are the most common complaints to seek help for at de Fysiovrienden. That is not surprising when you consider that 31% of Dutch people sometimes suffer from complaints in the shoulder.

Shoulder complaints often arise gradually but can also arise during a wrong (repeated) movement or fall. In addition to pain in the upper arm, you may also feel symptoms around your shoulder blade or neck. Did you know that the neck can also be the cause of shoulder pain?

The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body, we use it a lot. As a result, shoulder complaints can often take a long time. For example, 40% of people with shoulder pain still have symptoms after one year. This doesn’t mean that you should keep walking around with your complaints.

You may have investigated the cause of your complaint yourself or you may have visited a doctor or specialist. Then you’ve probably heard of the terms bursa inflammation, frozen shoulder or tendon inflammation. It’s certainly nice if we already know something more about the cause. Yet it is better not to rely solely on ‘diagnoses’. We mainly look at the problems that stand in the way of pain-free use of your shoulder and solve them together.

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