Wrist & Hand complaints

Fortunately, wrist & hand complaints are not so common, but still, they can be very annoying. Wrist & hand complaints can arise acutely after a fall. The wrist may become strained and, in the worst case, a fracture or instability of the ligaments can be present. After a period of rest with possible plaster or a brace, the wrist can become very stiff. It can help to mobilize the wrist and stabilize it later on so that you can resume your daily activities and sports.

Wrist & hand complaints can also develop slowly. For example, the wrist or hand can become overloaded with sports or strenuous activities such as working in the garden. It is possible that the carpal bones do not move optimally. We will help you on your way again through manual therapy, advice, and exercises.

Complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome cause tingling in the hand and sometimes the forearm. Not being able to move your wrist or elbow properly can cause these kinds of complaints to persist. It can also sometimes be that these kinds of complaints come from the neck or shoulder girdle.

Osteoarthritis in the wrist or hand joints can cause pain and stiffness. It is then important to keep the joints moving but not to overload them.

Quervain’s disease is due to an irritated tendon sheath on the thumb side of the wrist and the tendons that run through it. This is often due to an overload. The thumb can be painful when bending and stretching and sometimes there is swelling with possibly a snapping sensation due to the tendons ‘sticking’.

There are many more different hands and wrist complaints to mention, too many to go into. Do you want to know where your complaints come from?

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