Knee complaints

When we think of knee pain , we often imagine the knee pain that arises acutely during exercise. Wrong, sudden movement can cause injury to the knee straps or meniscus. Fortunately, these complaints are rare and we see that most complaints arise slowly and gradually. This may be due to stress or misuse during exercise or in daily life.

Becoming ‘ older’ can also cause complaints in the knee (read osteoarthritis, wear). The knee often becomes stiff and painful and you experience problems such as getting up and walking.

As you can see, knee complaints are diverse. Different symptoms may be present, all with a different plan of action. Does the knee feel stiff? Then it may be useful to mobilize the joint. Does the joint feel unstable? Then we start to improve stability. Do you miss strength …? You guessed it.

We can also help rehabilitate after a knee operation . Consider, for example, a viewing operation, cruciate ligament reconstruction or after placing a knee prosthesis.

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