Whoever has headache knows how annoying this can be. Yet one headache is not the other. There are many types of headaches, all with their own characteristics. The most well-known headaches are; tension headache, migraine, medication-dependent headache and cervicogenic headache (headache from the neck).
The main pain types differ from each other due to their genesis, duration, intensity, localization and nature. We also often see that there is an overlap between the various types of head pain. We call this combination headache.
Headache can be accompanied by additional symptoms such as; hypersensitivity to light and / or sound and having neck pain and dizziness.

Fortunately headache can be treated well. First, it is important to identify the main pain type(s) involved. We look at the factors that influence your complaint. By becoming aware of what these are, it is possible to quickly get your complaints back under control.

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