Lower back and leg complaints

Leg complaints that come from the back are popularly called Sciatica. This actually is a collective name for pain in the course of the bone nerve (n.ischiadicus). If the radiance gets past the knee, people tend to think of a hernia. The nerve then becomes inflamed, causing a typical sharp-shooting pain from the back past the knee. In some cases, loss of power or loss of feeling may also be present.

In the past, a hernia would be operated. Through new insights we know that waiting is often just as effective. With 75% of people, a hernia heals automatically within 3-6 months and the leg pain disappears. Back complaints can sometimes remain present for a longer time period.

It may sound strange, but healthy people without back and leg complaints can also have a hernia. A hernia only starts to cause symptoms when the nerve becomes inflamed. Therefore, it does not always make sense to create a scan or MRI .

Although most people recover, some people still have symptoms after sciatica or a hernia (surgery). To find out what the cause of this is, we look at both physical (where is the problem) and mental factors (e.g. how do you deal with your complaints). Fortunately we are specialist in this area and are happy to help you solve your problem.

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