Neck complaints

Does your neck feel painful, stiff and gives you trouble turning your head? We are happy to help you further.

Neck complaints are relatively common. Just like with low back complaints, almost everyone has to deal with this in his or her life. In addition to pain, stiffness and movement limitation, we see that neck complaints can be accompanied by a tired feeling, concentration problems, tension, headache and / or arm pain. Neck complaints can occur acute, for example with a car accident, or due to a wrong movement. It is also possible that complaints have slowly occurred.

Fortunately, neck pain is often harmless and usually disappears by itself. However, it is possible that you will keep having complaints for longer. Of course, you want to get rid of this. Neck complaints can be maintained for many reasons. Perhaps because of your complaint you have started to move differently, have you started to avoid movements, do stress and / or tension affect your complaint or your neck is just very stiff. Together we will look for an appropriate and lasting solution.

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