Hip complaints

Do you have pain and stiffness in the groin and / or buttock while Salsa dancing? Do you experience problems after getting started if you sat down for a while? Are your walking distances getting shorter and shorter? The cause of the problem may be the hip .

Pain on the hip can have various causes. With young athletes it might be possible there is a clamping in the hip joint. In different words we call this Femoro-acetabular Impingement (FAI). Often you do not have to undergo surgery and the symptoms are reduced by making the hip joint more mobile, stable and stronger.

With “the elderly” we often see that the hip joint is stiff and painful due to wear (osteoarthritis). The latter does not mean that you’ll always have complaints. Wear also occurs in people without complaints. Experience shows us that making the joint more mobile and stronger causes a decrease in pain and an improvement in function.

If the symptoms have a major impact on your daily activities or you even wake up because of the pain, it may be that the orthopedist decides to replace your hip with a new one. We can also support you well in rehabilitation after a hip operation .

So do you want to dance the Salsa again soon?

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