Health insurance

Non-chronic physio and manual therapy is partially or completely reimbursed by your supplementary insurance. We have contracts with all health insurance companies an we hand in our treatment invoices directly to your health insurer. You do not have to pay for the treatments yourself.  Take a good look at your policy to see how many treatments will be covered to avoid ambiguities.

Chronic physiotherapy is reimbursed as from the 21st treatment under the terms of basic insurance; a part thereof may also be reimbursed, depending on your supplementary health insurance.

Have you been treated elsewhere this year? Report this at the intake so that we can take this into account. We try to plan well the first time (45-50 minutes) so that we can start the first treatment immediately after the intake.

If you do not have additional insurance for physiotherapy, we use the following rates. It is possible to pay with us directly after the treatment.

Physiotherapy €35,00
Physiotherapy (at home) €45,00
Manual therapy €45,00
Manual therapy (at home) €55,00
Diagnostic consult physiotherapy €56,95
Screening and intake after screening €50,00
Intake after referral €50,00
Time consuming reports €65,00
Missed appointments €27,00


Customised Revalidation

With the right guidance and information we can go a long way together. As a team we make a tailor-made process in which we ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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