Meet our friends

Together with our friends we make sure we look for an effective and long lasting solution for your problem. Listed below; a few of our friends.

Bram | Health style coach, nutrition consultant

Bram van Resultijd does not believe in hypes to lose weight quickly. He thinks good results need time and that is why he takes the time for results together with you (Result time, you see?). Bram guides you in all areas; mentally, physically and nutritionally oriented and thus ensures long-term results. Do you also want to see results? It is time to meet him. Well, good to know. A consultation is also reimbursed by your health insurer.

Denice | Yoga teacher

Meet Denice. This first class yoga teacher will introduce you to yoga in a pleasant, down-to-earth and accessible way. But with a ton of experience you are at the right place with her. Because after 400 hours of intensive yoga training we can call her a real pro. What does Yoga mean for Denice? “Yoga has given me so much beauty; self-confidence, energy, but also peace … balance. Just nice in my skin.” She would also like to let you experience this.

Nicole | Adults and child yoga teacher

When it comes to older & amp; child yoga goes then we have Nicole a real specialist in house. Older & amp; child yoga is meant to make parents and children grow closer together. Nicole herself calls her lessons a ‘yoga adventure’ in which you try to stimulate the senses through yoga postures, relaxation exercises, music and forms of play. Nicole wants to give parents and children something extra in her lessons. Not just in the short term but something they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. You have to experience for yourself what those extras mean …

Marjolein | Exercise therapist

Marjolein is Cesar exercise therapist and works at various locations in Eindhoven. This brings her into contact with a variety of complaints such as headache, neck, shoulder, pelvic and / or back complaints. But that is not everything. You can also turn to her for hyperventilation and osteoarthritis. Her strength is to empower people. Doesn’t that sound powerful? Marjolein has completed the Masters in Care Management, so she knows only too well what is needed for a strong collaboration. The concept of the Physio friends fits them perfectly with this.

Annicka | Exercise therapist

As a Mensendieck remedial therapist, Annicka helps people to become aware of their own body and of their patterns. Annicka treats and coaches people with chronic disorders, balance and stability problems, pregnancy-related pelvic complaints and also provides fall prevention training. She followed her last course to treat children and adults with scoliosis and M. Scheuermann. She finds it amazing what results she achieves with this. Does this raise questions? Reassure them, Annicka is ‘the specialist’ in this area.

Sandra | Yoga teacher

“Learn how to relax during exercise”. Isn’t that best of both worlds? Sandra thinks so! She teaches Critical Alignment and Mindfulness yoga in which a connection is made between your body and consciousness. The exercises vary from subtle to some more challenging but are always customizable to the persons needs, even for those with physical limitations. An often used terminology; alignment. Do you want to know what this means? Make sure to book an appointment with her and find out!

Customised Revalidation

With the right guidance and information we can go a long way together. As a team we make a tailor-made process in which we ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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