Physiotherapy is the basis on which we work. By physical therapy we mean a form of therapy for complaints about your muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves . The physical therapist uses various techniques to reduce pain and make a joint move better.

For example, complaints that can be treated properly by means of physiotherapy are single or knee complaints after spraining, complaints to the low back and neck in combination with headache or hip complaints due to wear. This list is of course infinite. Feel free to look further on our webpage to see which different services we offer for different complaints .

Once you report your problem to us: that is the first step to recovery. To help you further we always go through a few steps. If you want to know what these are, take a look at our method.

We understand better than anyone that it is annoying when you have physical problems. The solution is often closer than you think. We are happy to help you find these.

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Customised Revalidation

With the right guidance and information we can go a long way together. As a team we make a tailor-made process in which we ensure that you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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